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Friday, August 02, 2013


Lee Ann G.

Terri, I love watching your paintings form. So beautiful and inspiring. You are so talented.. Thank you for showing us your process.

♥Lee Ann


Aww love the story behind the beautiful painting! Artists always amaze me - your creativity is awesome!

jeanne, backyard neighbor

Hi Terri, thank you so much for your kind words and sympathy in the loss of my darling cousin. I can't say how much it means to me. And yes the glasses were from the 80's. Smile.

Your robin story is so sweet and the water color is awesome. The words you chose for the final touch are so perfect. A very terrific quote.

Wishing you happy travels.
xo, Jeanne


Happy Pink Saturday, my amazing friend. I feel the love in your heart with every piece you create.

I am still longing for the day you will allow me to purchase one of your beauties.


Terri I love how you always show your process. Good for you to capture what you love in photo form so you can transform it to be yours!!!! Very gorgeous. Heartfully Yours, Samara www.shadowsideart.blogspot.ca

Jeannie Marie

Happy Pink Saturday. I'm your newest follower! I loved seeing how you created your art, so wonderful.


Awe it turned out so beautiful...what a sight that must have been seeing that little robin!!

Hugs Giggles


You are very talented! Happy Pink Saturday!

Anne Manda

Beautiful piece! <3


How cute is he.....I have a catbird that follows me around the yard and sings it's varied song. Love the bird interactions. Beautiful work. xox


So beautiful painting! And the Bird is wonderful, I can hear its singing. I like the poem, too. Whole painting is amaising.


I love that quotre! and your journal page is fab... Happy PPF! xo L.


Oh I love birds too - they are so cute and happy - and they chirp so much - I love yours! And I feel that if we could understand their language they'd be saying something similar to what you write


I enjoyed seeing and reading the process you used to create this lovely painting. Glad the robin survived and that you have captured this event on canvas. The colors are wonderful.

Thanks for sharing.

Abigail Davidson

What lovely work you have! I enjoyed seeing the stages that lead to the final result. Happy PPF!


it is always so interesting to see the process :) thank you for sharing...
and many thanks for your visit - I really love your comment on "ma belle"


Love it!! I love how you pulled it all together!
have a wonderful weekend!!
Cat @ gypsea nurse


You did a remarkable job combining two lovely sights into one.


Loved seeing the processes. The little robin is sooooo cute!

Nic McLean

How adorable!! Your baby robin is so cute!


Love the vivid colors in your journal page. Such a great quote. Thanks for showing us how you created it.

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