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Monday, July 02, 2012



VerY happy to have found you via art journal journey. Thank you for posting all the steps and providing such great inspiration. I love your work!

Judy Shea

Terryi.. this is just great. I'm in love with the textures you've put on this art piece. Gorgeous!

Susan Jensen

Double WOW, no, Triple WOW! You are amazing and thank you sooooo very much for sharing and explaining so well step by step how you achieved this amazing piece of art. I am new to all this, I have strong desire to create something on canvas but have been afraid of starting, your explaining steps have helped me have the courage to try something of my own now. I LOVE YOUR BLOG.

Keva Grafton

A nice post. My spouse and i particularly had issues understanding some points you actually mentioned in your post.
I later understood what you were telling after I had understood some of your related posts on this site.
Stuff has changed greatly using the advent of internet, web 2.

0, and mobile phone SMSing. Thanks for providing the whole thing to my own understanding.


oh wow this is absolut great! Thank you so much for your nice comment on the ARt Journal Journey blog and I will come here to your blog aigan in future to enjoy this fab art!

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